6 Common Misconceptions of Switching Payment Processors

Payment processing can be a tricky world to navigate. The issue is, you go into business to make money, not give it away. If you’re offered a better deal for your processing why wouldn’t you switch? Are you afraid to switch to something new? Are there new challenges that come your way when you switch processors? Change is frightening, and we get that, but the reality is that it’s never been easier to switch processors. Today we wanted to take a deeper dive into what this process looks like and break down some common misconceptions. So without further ado, let’s talk switching.

Misconception 1: You have to start from scratch with a new terminal

Often we hear about all the effort that goes into learning a new terminal and getting used to a new machine. The expectation is that you have to do all this leg work to get everything started and ready. Well at JAZ , this is certainly not the case. We pre-program and pre-install our terminals so that when it arrives you’re ready to accept payments. There’s no wiring or programming needed on your side. Frankly the hardest thing you have to do with JAZ terminals is unplug your old terminal and plug your new one in. 

Misconception 2: This technology is too advanced for me I can never learn it

When it comes to our new smart terminals, the functionality offered is incredible. You can manage inventory, employees, and even track sales in real time. This advanced technology can sound intimidating but these terminals are actually working on smartphone operating systems. Our Newland 910 operates on the Poynt OS which works off the Android system. It’s built with an intuitive, user-friendly operating system. In sum, if you can use your phone then you’ll be able to master our smart terminals in no time.

Misconception 3: You have to learn everything yourself

This unfortunately pops up more than we’d like. Merchants feel like they’re thrown to the wolves when they first start out with a new processor. While this may happen with some processors, this is certainly far from the case here at JAZ Payments. Our team tracks everything we’re sending your way and as soon as our terminal package arrives, our installation team reaches out to go through the ins-and-outs of the machine. We always make this call when our new customers are onboarded. We ensure you’re trained and ready to process payments as soon as possible. This call normally takes 5-10 minutes but our team will stay on the phone as long as you’d like to make sure you’re comfortable and ready to go. At the end of the day, the better you know your business and all that it offers, the more likely you are to succeed. We only succeed if you do.

Misconception 4: You’ll be penalized for switching

The processing landscape has changed drastically over the last couple of years. Leases and long term contracts used to be the norm. These agreements would in effect lock down businesses and provide financial penalties for changing processors. Flexibility in processing has now become more prevalent and while contracts still may be around, penalties for termination have in large part been removed. There are still some processors who implement a termination fee, but JAZ will actually cover any termination fee businesses may face. So you won’t be penalized for saving on your processing.

JAZ only operates on a month to month basis with no contracts or cancellation fees. These arrangements are few and far between, but they provide business owners with the ultimate flexibility needed to optimize their processing.


Misconception 5: It’s such a long process

When merchants switch there’s this feeling that this process is long and daunting. However, our process is streamlined so that you don’t have to wait long for your terminal to arrive. Typically we have a 24-hour approval process and once you’re approved, your new terminal will be shipped out right away. Usually these terminals arrive in 3-5 business days. Altogether we see these terminals arrive and training unfold in about a week’s time. This process is optimized to fit your business’ schedule and ensure you’re ready to start saving as soon as you can.

Misconception 6: You have to cancel your processor as soon as you switch

This might be one of the biggest misconceptions in our field. We actually don’t tell our merchants to cancel with their current providers as soon as they are onboarded. We always recommend that they keep their existing terminal for about a week or two before cancelling just to make sure their business can always process payments just in case something happens. This is often perceived as the scariest part of the change over but we believe it’s best to get comfortable with your new equipment first before cancelling with your old provider. After about a week or so and everything is running smoothly, that’s when we recommend calling your old provider and letting them know you’ll be cancelling their service.

Although the thought of changing seems daunting, it has truly never been easier to switch processors. Often merchants will get comfortable with a provider and don’t want to go through the process, but if there’s something out there that’s going to allow you to keep more of your money in your pocket and provide better service, it’s truly a no brainer for any business owner. For more information on JAZ Payments or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime at 1-877-737-9749 or info@jazpayments.com.

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